Create Monogrammed iPhone Wallpapers In 10 Easy Steps

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.  I’ve been extremely busy lately.  I did discover something pretty cool the other day though.  The website I have already posted about, For Chic Sake, has many different free monogram printables as you know.  What you probably don’t know is that you can easily turn one of the printables into an iPhone wallpaper.  Let me show you how.  (This wallpaper would work on any phone but I have only tested it on the iPhone).

Follow these steps:
(Photos for each step are displayed ABOVE the step).


1. Go here.  There are three different monogram prints – Script, Chevron, and Quatrefoil which you can see in the photo above.  I did not attempt to turn the Script into an iPhone wallpaper because it’s a bit plain for me but it should work just the same.  The Chevron and Quatrefoil turned out great.


2. Choose the one you want.  I am going to choose Quatrefoil.


3. Scroll down and click on the color you would like.  I chose the Aqua and Guava one. It will open up a new window on a website called Scribd.  Scroll down if you would like to see what the monogram template would look like before you download it.  To download it, hit download on the right hand side.  It will look like the photo above.


4. After the PDF file has downloaded, open it in Adobe Reader.  (Only Adobe Reader will work, nothing else).  If you don’t have Adobe Reader you can get it here.  It is a free program.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.04.55 PM

5. Double click on the letters and type in your initials.  Be sure to type the first and last letter in lower case and the middle letter in upper case.  It should be like this – cGe.


Hint: If you chose the Chevron monogram it is a bit different.  You do not type in the third letter.  Instead you will type in a symbol that corresponds with the letter you need and it will transform it to that letter.  I have no idea why they did it this way.  For me, I typed in cG5 and the “5” turned into the “e” I needed.  Above is the chart of symbol/letter correspondents.


6. After I changed the letters I clicked “Save as…” and hit save.  It will then ask you if you want to overwrite the current file.  Just hit yes or replace.  Then you can exit Adobe Reader.

7. Apparently there are a couple of ways to do this step but the first way I tried did not work for me.  I was following this tutorial and when I got to her step 5 it did not have that option anywhere on Adobe Reader, so I found my own way.  That is why I am writing a tutorial for others, because hers did not work for me.


Instead of doing what she suggested, I opened the PDF file in Gimp.  Gimp is a free photo editor and can be found here if you don’t have it.  It will ask you which page you want to open in Gimp (the PDF file has 2 pages) so choose the second one.


8. After opening the PDF file in Gimp click “File” and “Export”.  In the bottom left of the window that just opened there is something that says “Select File Extension” (highlighted in red in the photo).  Click on that.


Select the JPEG extension.


9. Hit export.  A little box will pop up in the top left corner.  The quality will be set on 90.  Drag it to 100 if you want the highest quality for your wallpaper.  Hit export again and the wallpaper is officially saved on your computer!

10. I emailed the wallpapers to myself to get them on my iPhone but you can do whatever you feel is the easiest.

Here’s how a couple of my favorites turned out:


Red Chevron Monogram

Here is how it looks on the iPhone:


The wallpaper automatically centered itself for me so I didn’t have to adjust it at all.  It looks pretty awesome!  I really hope my tutorial helped you out.  I wanna give props to the tutorial I used.  Even though it did not work for me, it was very helpful and got me started.  I hope you enjoy making as many monogrammed iPhone wallpapers as I did!



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