If It’s Not Moving, Monogram It!

First things first, yesterday was my boyfriend’s 20th birthday so I just wanted to say Happy Birthday babe!  We didn’t get to spend it together as we go to different colleges but I did get to Skype him so that made my day. 🙂

Now, onto the main subject.  As expected, my clothes from Marley Lilly arrived yesterday and they are PERFECT.  The half zip and fleece vest look amazing and I am so happy with my purchases.  I wore the half zip all day and then wore the vest when I went out last night.  Check them out.


Here is my half zip.  It looks so much better than I had imagined it would.  I am so happy I went with the red chevron and circle block letters.  It is also super comfortable and I would definitely recommend it to any sweet southern prep.  If you’re interested in one, go here.  They just recently got some new patterns in so you will have even more choices than I did.


Here is my black fleece vest.  I wore it over a red long sleeve Polo shirt.  It is so warm and looks great.  I’ve never been one for vests but I can make an exception for this one.  I love it and will be wearing it all the time.  If you’re interested in a fleece vest, you can look here.

I am very happy with my purchase from Marley Lilly and already want to purchase more items.  Ever since I discovered Marley Lilly all I want to do is monogram things.  As Reese Witherspoon put it, “If it’s not moving, monogram it.”



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