Cuptakes Frames

While we’re on the subject of Cuptakes I would like to tell you about the app “Cuptakes Frames.”  In my opinion, this app is much better than the original Cuptakes app.  You just upload a picture from your photo album or take a picture with your camera and position it into any of the frames you want and you have a gorgeous wallpaper for your lock screen or home screen!  Let me show you what I’m talking about.


As you can see above, I have chosen the frame I want to use and can now choose what picture I want to put in the frame.  You can make as many as you want and there are many frames to choose from.   This one is just one of my favorites.


Here is the wallpaper after I have inserted the picture I want.  It looks pretty good, huh?  Cuptakes Frames is on the App Store for just $1.99 and can be found here.  Below I am going to post a picture of my lock screen so you can see what one of the frames looks like as a wallpaper.


Now, I think it looks awesome.  Much better than just putting the picture as your lock screen.  It helps us girls out that want to have an image as a wallpaper but would also like to have a touch of preppy patterns.  Cuptakes Frames is my favorite find on the App Store in the past few months.  Check it out, you won’t regret it.  After all, what sweet southern prep doesn’t love a pretty pattern?



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